Argos – ‘Bounding’ – 2017 Adapt

This ad was originally posted at Electric Theatre Collective in 2016. I worked on the 2017 adapt version at Big Buoy when some of the products had changed and needed to be either removed from or replaced in the ad. The VFX work included removing the guitar that the doll was holding in the first 2 shots, changing the colour of a couple of lamps and replacing the cushion cover on the cushion that the man somersaults in with and delivers to a woman at her door. Below are some split screens taken from the original ad on the left and the revised ad on the right.

Director: Nieto
Prod Co: Stink
Agency: The & Partnership
Producer: Adam Henderson
Creatives: Will Grave, Helen Rogerson And Hayley Hammond
Editor: Sam Gunn, Whitehouse Post
VFX: Electric Theatre Collective
Post-Producer: Sian Jenkins
Colour: Lewis Crossfield
VFX: Matt Jackson, James Belch, Chris Fraser.

Post Production Company: Big Buoy
VFX Producer: Charlotte Shearsmith
VFX: Leo Weston