Dermalex – ‘Stronger Skin’

A commercial for skin care brand Dermalex from Hometown London. Some pieces of text were captured in camera having been painted directly onto the models skin. Other words were added in post in their final position and tracked backwards through the camera move so that when played forwards they appear to start broken up and then resolve as a readable word. A series of wipes and seamless joins were added throughout the second half of the film to connect the shots together, creating the appearance of one continuous camera move from scene to scene. The final transition from the girl against the wall through to the pack shot involved building a CG scene of the hexagon set in Flame to bridge the gap between the 2 camera moves. Other VFX work included general set cleanup, beauty work & pack replacements.

Client: Dermalex
Agency: Hometown London
Agency Producer: Emma Johnston
Creative Director: David Gamble
Post Production Company: Big Buoy
Editor: Matthew Felstead
VFX Producer: Jenna Le Noury
VFX: Hussein Hassani, Jim Allen, Leo Weston
Colourist: Mark Horrobin