Foxes - 'Holding onto Heaven'

Foxes turns the world upside-down with some help from a Milo Motion control rig, lots of maths and a load of Flame time. I previssed these VFX shots in Flame first alongside director Henry Schofield to work out what was possible on the Milo. We then matched the moves on set. The same scene was shot twice on set with green screen from head height upwards. The moves were then flipped on the rig and shot again on the same floor. We flipped one of them upside-down again in Flame and joined the 2 plates together. Then smoothed over the joins and removed the tracks for the rig. I think the 4 effects shots work really well. This video is of the Director’s edit.

Production Company: Cavia
Director: Henry Scolfield
Post Production Company: Rushes
VFX Supervisor: Leo Weston
VFX: Leo Weston & Johnny Hicks
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Motion Control: The VFX Company