Honda - 'Disruption' (Director's Version)

This is the teaser film for the Honda Type R, directed by Kirby McClure of Radical friend. This is the director’s version with no music, only SFX. You can watch the original version here, should you desire. VFX work on this spot was extensive. Including: Multiple matte paintings of skyscraper skylines, Sky replacements, Lightning effects, Eye glow effects for the cat and wolves, Creation & comping of metal android eyes, Comping of CG neon onto buildings, CG rain, CG crystal model particle explosion, Digital breakup ‘Data Mosh’ effect, Cleanup & Rig removal. We also created an end shot of the car rotating out of only 3 stills as the car didn’t yet exist at the time of shooting.

Agency: Karmarama
Producer: Jenny O’Connell
Creatives: Rachel Holding, Daniel Leppänen
Director: Kirby McClure / Radical Friend
Production Company: Kream
Exec Producer: Eddie Marshall
Creative Partner: Jon Harvey
Producer: Mikey Levelle
DoP: Matt Fox
Editor: Ellie Johnson @ Speade
Post Production Company: Rushes
VFX Supervisor: Leo Weston
VFX: Leo Weston , Matt Jackson, James Dooley, Mark Ford
CG: Andy Nicholas, Craig Travis, David Drese, Nimesh Patel, Mark Woodcock, Andrea Scibetta
MGFX: Matt Lawrence, Guy Hancock,
Barry Corcoran, Fraser Macedo
Nuke: Noel Harmes, Sarah Breakwell
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Exec Producer: Kristy May Currie
Producer: Simon Sanderson