Libresse – ‘Viva la Vulva’

Once again, a pleasure to be involved in this project at Time Based Arts, although when sentences like “Increase the camel toe by 50%” have become acceptable parts of your daily conversations, then maybe things have got a bit weird. They had this to say: “This highly original, ambitious, and creative ode to the vagina is Time Based Arts second undertaking with the equally ambitious and creative Kim Gehrig. It took a whole host of contributors and a lot of dedication to make this choir of vulvas a possibility and the result is a rather wonderful message that emanates the real power of female genitalia. Ever fascinating, these bearers of life and mistresses of pleasure are now capable of proclaiming their own self-worth through song and we love it. In a world where women’s lady parts are expected to be perfectly formed and immaculately plucked and perfumed, the film’s celebration of diversity is a welcome message. Funnily enough, it is often women who need to be convinced of the vagina’s unique beauty – men have been big fans for millennia. However, now that we are all in agreement, we can rejoice and proclaim…. Viva la Vulva!”

Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Director: Caio Giannella & Diego de Oliveira
Agency Producer: Edwina Dennison
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Kim Gehrig
DoP: Deepa Keshvala
Production Company Producer: Lee Groombridge
Editor: Elise Butt @ Trim
Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
Creative Director: Francois Roisin
VFX Supervisor: Stephen Grasso
Flame: Leo Weston , Jamie Crofts, Adam Paterson, Luke Todd
Nuke: Sarah Breakwell, Linda Cieniawska, Manuel Perez, Matt Shires, Bernardo Varela, Leandro Vazquez, Grant White
CGI: Ben Cantor, Dave Loh
Motion Graphics: Tom Robinson, Stephen Ross
Colour Grade: Simone Grattarola
Producer: Jo Gutteridge