Muse - 'Space Dementia' (Concert Visual)

This is one of the first (of many) concert visuals I created for the band Muse. There was no 3D CGI package used for this. Just Flame. At the time I made this, it was definitely pushing Flame’s (and mine) 3D abilities to the maximum – not least because it’s all one shot and is over 6 minutes long. This was conceived, directed and executed by me and luckily the band liked it. They don’t really play this track live much anymore so this visual is long dead – so I think I’m safe to put it online by now. It’s all basic sphere geometries wrapped with planet textures, and then a particle generator creating the trails for the light streaks. I like the end when we discover that the universe is all contained within a big glass orb (which is in fact one of my acrylic juggling balls I had lying around). Although at the time way better 3D was possible on other platforms and now the 3D capabilities of Flame have massively advanced, looking back, I’m still pretty proud of this.

Production Company: Banoffee Sky
Directed: Leo Weston
Post Production Company: Rushes
Visual Effects: Leo Weston
Executive Producer: Tom Kirk