'The Royals'

I provided on set VFX supervision and led a team of Flame & Nuke artists completing over 600 VFX shots for the TV series ‘The Royals’. Comprised of 500+ beauty and cleanup shots and around 100 other mixed VFX shots. The above example is a plate breakdown of one of 5 large crowd replication shots that we completed where 200 extras were replicated to around 10 thousand. That’s me in the foreground at the start of the breakdown. On this particular shot I also animated and comped in the Red Arrows along with coloured smoke particle trails.

Production Company: Privileged Productions, Lionsgate
Director: Mark Schwahn
Post Production Company: Rushes
VFX Supervisor: Leo Weston
VFX: Leo Weston , Sarah Breakwell, Noel Harmes, Bho Anthonysamy, Richard Russell
VFX Producer: Ollie Whitworth