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Zalando – ‘Free to Be’

Agency: Grey London
Creative Director: Vicki Maguire
Creatives: Sam Daly & Rob Greaves
Producers: Thea Evely, Talou Sabbah & India Smith
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Georgia Hudson
DoP: Ben Fordesman
Producer: Jane Lloyd
Editor: Paul O’Reilly
Sound & Music: Sam Ashwell
Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Leo Weston
2D Lead: Ollie Ramsey
2D Team: Jamie Crofts, Nina Mosand, Stephen Grasso, Matt Shires, Will Robinson, Warren Gebhardt, Linda Cieniawska.
3D Team: Dave Loh, Sam Osborne
Colour Grading: Lewis Crossfield

Nike – ‘Stop At Nothing’

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
ECD: Tony Davidson & Iain Tait
Creative Director: Paddy Treacy, Mark Shanley
Creatives: Mico Toledo, Juan Sevilla, Tomas Coleman
Agency Producer: Tom Dean
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Georgia Hudson
Executive Producer: Stephen Brierley, Sophie Hubble
Producer: Annabel Ridley
DoP: Albert Salas
Production Designer: Francesca di Mottola
Editor: Paul O’Reilly @ Stitch
Sound Design & Mix: Sam Ashwell@ 750MPH
Post-Production Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Mike Skrgatic, Federico Guzzardo, Federico Vanone
Lead Flame: Leo Weston
Flame: Stephen Grasso, Adam Paterson, Luke Todd
Nuke: Linda Cieniawska, Will Robinson, Matt Shires, Bernardo Varela
CGI: Gareth Bell, Ben Cantor, Tom Hall, Walter How, Nick Smalley, Zoé Sottiaux, James Spillman
Motion Graphics: Jess Gorick, Tom Robinson, Stephen Ross
Colour Grade: Simone Grattarola
Producer: Chris Aliano

Great fun leading the VFX for this Nike job round at Time Based Arts. Some challenging shots – most notably the tennis court which was completely reprojected in Flame out of multiple retimed plates, and the transition from the newsagents to the running track. Very enjoyable work.

BBC Sounds – ‘Listen Without Limits’

It is a little known fact that if you pack too many celebrities into a tight enough space their combined egos will cause an explosion powerful enough to tear the fabric of space-time, under which conditions cameras will not function correctly. It is for this reason that each of these celebrities was shot separately on a grey screen and I comped them together into this lift. This is a 10 second piece which makes no sense at all out of the context of the main BBC Sounds campaign, but this is the bit I did so it’s what I’m posting. You can see the much more entertaining main film (that I played no part in) over on the Time Based Arts website.

Creative Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Laurent Simon
Creative Director: Jamie Starbuck
Art Director: Nick Robinson
Copywriter: James Reynolds
Producer: Ken Rodrigues
Production Company: Riff Raff
Director: Megaforce
Executive Producer: Matthew Fone
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
DoP: Nicolas Loir
Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Post Production Compnay: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Francois Roisin & Thiago Dantas
Lead Flame: Jamie Crofts
Flame: Leo Weston , Stephen Grasso, Adam Paterson
Nuke: Ralph Briscoe, George Cressey, Will Robinson, Grant White
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Producer: Sean Ewins
Head of Production: Josh Robinson

TK Maxx – ‘A White Christmas’

Friend director Ian Pons Jewell along with Wieden & Kennedy bring us TK Maxx’s 2017 Christmas ad. TK Maxx offer shoppers the chance to win a white Christmas by finding one of a limited number of snow globes that will be hidden in TK Maxx stores across the country. Seeing as the last white Christmas to occur naturally in England was back in 2010 this is probably your best bet. This ad shows a family who have won the prize getting more than they bargained for when the TK Maxx snow team show up and blast the whole family including the cat & dog with snow cannons.

Client: TK Maxx
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Agency Producer: James Laughton
Creative Director: Hollie Walker
Creatives: Andrew Bevan, Freddy Taylor, Philippa Beaumont
Production Company: Friend
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Editor: James Rosen @ Final Cut
Sound: Sam Ashwell @ 750 MPH
Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Producer: Chris Aliano
Executive Producer: Tom Johnson
Production Assistant: Sean Ewins
Flame: Stephen Grasso, Leo Weston , Thiago Dantas Lima, Adam Paterson
Nuke: Matt Shires, Linda Cieniawska, Ralph Briscoe
CG: Francois Roisin, Sam Osborne, Federico Guzzardo
Houdini: Tom Hall
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Music: Warner

Vodafone – ‘Red’

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the very talented team at Time Based Arts for the first time on this Vodafone commercial directed by Aleksander Bach in which a mysterious red light illuminates various night time scenes across Germany until the entire country lights up red (which is the bit I did). Time Based Arts has this to say: “I just received my new phone from Vodafone. It was really weird though as it wasn’t delivered by courier as is normal but a huge red streaking light flew at me and handed me my phone. Although I was originally scared witless by the light and now see it as excellence customer service and this lovely advert makes much more sense to me now!”

Client: Vodafone
Production Company: Anorak Film
Production Company Producer: Swenja Babucke
Director: Aleksander Bach
DoP: Cezar Zacharewicz
Editor: Matthias Graatz
Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
Creative Director: James Allen
Flame Lead: Matt Jackson
Flame: Leo Weston Thiago Dantas, Adam Paterson
Nuke: Andre Bittencourt, Ralph Briscoe, Linda Cieniawska, Matt Shires, Bernardo Varela
CGI Lead: Francois Roisin
CGI: Thomas Battle, Ben Cantor, Dan Davie, Federico Guzzardo, Tom Hall, David Loh, James Mann, Sam Osborne, Nigel Timms
Matte Painting: Lisa Ayla
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
VFX Producer: Chris Aliano