Valspar - 'Colour Outside The Lines'

Creative agency FCB Inferno set me the challenge of developing a technique that allowed us to watch the type of ‘light painting’ normally only possible in long exposure stills photography as it was created. We achieved this by shooting at a high frame rate and using a max/lighten feedback effect in post to create trails on the lights that remain over the duration of the shot. I blended multiple layers of this effect and cut back the silhouette of the artist over the top. An hours shooting at 200fps was eventually condensed down into the 3 second long final composite you see at the end of the commercial.

Client: Valspar Paint
Creative Agency: FCB Inferno
Executive Creative Director: Gary Robinson
Account Director: Helena Georghiou
Producer: Shaun Nickless
Art Director: Chris Spore
Production Co: Bare Films
Director: Joanna Bailey
Producer: Helen Hadfield
DOP: Ben Smithard
Producer: Helen Hadfield
Offline Editor: Christen Iversen (Peep Show)
Post Production Company: Rushes
VFX: Leo Weston
VFX Producer: Angela Lucatoni