Vodafone – ‘Red’

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the very talented team at Time Based Arts for the first time on this Vodafone commercial directed by Aleksander Bach in which a mysterious red light illuminates various night time scenes across Germany until the entire country lights up red (which is the bit I did). Time Based Arts has this to say: “I just received my new phone from Vodafone. It was really weird though as it wasn’t delivered by courier as is normal but a huge red streaking light flew at me and handed me my phone. Although I was originally scared witless by the light and now see it as excellence customer service and this lovely advert makes much more sense to me now!”

Client: Vodafone
Production Company: Anorak Film
Production Company Producer: Swenja Babucke
Director: Aleksander Bach
DoP: Cezar Zacharewicz
Editor: Matthias Graatz
Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
Creative Director: James Allen
Flame Lead: Matt Jackson
Flame: Leo Weston Thiago Dantas, Adam Paterson
Nuke: Andre Bittencourt, Ralph Briscoe, Linda Cieniawska, Matt Shires, Bernardo Varela
CGI Lead: Francois Roisin
CGI: Thomas Battle, Ben Cantor, Dan Davie, Federico Guzzardo, Tom Hall, David Loh, James Mann, Sam Osborne, Nigel Timms
Matte Painting: Lisa Ayla
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
VFX Producer: Chris Aliano