W.I.C - 'Nowhere Flag'

One of a handful of videos I directed for this band. This was shot with no budget at all across a number of weekends in central London. Of course, London is never empty so I did a lot of painting out of people, taxis and buses. I turned off the screens in Piccadilly Circus and all street lamps and shop window lighting, tracked in a load of demolition tape and then comped the explosions from the news footage of the US “shock & awe” bombing of Baghdad onto the view of London from Parliament hill (And knocked over the Shard – which had been completed that week). I also replaced all of the skies with moody clouds to hide the fact that the weather was different every day that we shot.

Director: Leo Weston
Camera: Alex Pyper
Editor: Leo Weston
Post Production Company: Rushes
VFX: Leo Weston
Colourist: Jack Mcginity