Gumtree – ‘Gameshow’

We shot this spot in 2 separate locations due to ‘logistical issues’ that prevented us from shooting in front of the house with a full crew and set.

For this reason, only the car was shot in front of the house. The host and set elements, plus an additional plate of the car were all shot in front of grey screen in a separate location. The “glamorous assistant” was also shot in front of grey screen in a stand alone plate in order to allow her to be transitioned into a cardboard cut out before she is picked up by the host.

Motion control was not within budget so we restricted the dolly track to a linear movement and took great care to match position and speed of the move between the 2 locations. These plates were then tracked and minor misalignments adjusted in post.

All elements were then comped together using a combination roto and soft light or multiply blending. We used a white floor to ensure we could lift all of the shadows of the car and actors from their plate and reapply to the driveway of the house.

The Star Prize sign was created in CG and comped above the car including reflections on the car and the windows of the house.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Creative Directors: Philippa Beaumont, Freddy Taylor
Creatives: Will Lancaster, Jay Daniells
Producer: Natasha Johnson

Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Jim Hosking
DoP: Alex Barber
Producer: Jessica Wylie
Production Designer: Richard Bridgland

Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Leo Weston
2D Lead: Leo Weston
3D Lead: Emma Malrik
Colour Grading: Simone Grattarola
Executive Producer: Tom Johnson
VFX Producer: Sean Ewins

Rotoscoping: Team VFX Artist