BASF - 'Working for Water' VFX Breakdown

A breakdown of the VFX work done on BASF’s “Working for Water” film. I went to South Africa to supervise this shoot. Ideally for a crowd replication shot made up of multiple moving plates, you’d normally want a motion control rig, but in the South African mountains that’s just not going to happen, so we made do with a crane with laser pen attached, pointing at a plank of wood with chalk marks drawn on, and a man with a stopwatch counting aloud. I made sure that the crane operator hit one chalk mark each second and that the front and back positions of the line of people was consistent between each plate. Due to the scale of the scene, the perspective on the mid to far away plates doesn’t change too much over the duration so any slight discrepancy between the different plates was fixable with stabalisation. The main composite was put together in Flame back at Rushes by Matt Jackson.

Agency: M & C Saatchi
Producer:  Mary Fostiropoulos
Creative Director:  Simon Dicketts
Production Company: Sweet Spot Content
Director:  Miles Goodsall
Producer:  Linda Notelovitz
Post Production Company: Rushes
Producer:  Carl Grinter
Colourist:  Simona Harrison
VFX:  Matt Jackson, Leo Weston
Nuke:  Noel Harmes, Sarah Breakwell